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Commercial Roof Inspection

In San Diego

Commercial Roof Inspection



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Commercial Roofing Inspection Experts

Commercial Roofing Inspection Experts

Our team has over 20 years of experience installing commercial roofing. Our custom process is quick and painless to get your commercial roof inspection done fast
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Lifetime Warranty on Commercial Roofing Repairs

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our commercial roofing repairs and maintenance work if it is needed after the inspection
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Hassle Free Commercial Roof Inspection Process

We handle everything from start to finish so you don't have to worry or stay on-site
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What Is A Commercial

Roof Inspection?

A commercial roof inspection is an all-inclusive process undertaken as part of a commercial property purchase or lease signing. The inspector is trying to assess whether or not the entire building, including the roof, is up to code. Radon, asbestos, the quality of the inside air and the existence of lead-based paint are just a few of the items on the inspector’s list to check.

Whether you are making a lease agreement, trying to sell your commercial property, or just need a routine roof inspection, Roofing Plus has you covered. Our commercial roof inspection process is easy and painless for you, and we provide you with an easy roof inspection checklist after our work is complete.

Below are some items that we usually check during our commercial roof inspection:
Indoor Air Quality
Structural Damage or Cracks
Gutters & Drains
Supporting Structure
Rooftop Visual Checks
Roof Penetrations
Surface Area Review
Fire Safety

Commercial Roof

Inspection Cost Estimate

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof is beneficial for you and your business for the following reasons:

Keeps reports on building status
Lowers liability in case issues arise
Keeps history of repair current for insurance
Keeps you up to date on warranty
Prevents minor issues from becoming major problems
Keeps you calm and relaxed knowing your roof is in good shape

The cost for a commercial roof inspection can vary. At Roofing Plus, we offer free inspections — contact us today to schedule yours.

Benefits Of Routine

Commercial Roof Inspections

You may feel like having your commercial roof regularly inspected is just another expense that you can simply ignore. Until your roof fails one day due to progressive damage, that is. Having your commercial roof regularly inspected can help you catch problems early and fix them before they develop into a huge, more costly problem later. Remember the mechanic in the FRAM oil filter commercial? The saying ‘Pay me now or pay me later’ applies to routine commercial roof inspections as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Commercial Roof Inspections

What do roof inspectors look for?

Good and thorough roof inspectors will closely examine a commercial roof for issues caused by poor installation and repairs, any damage from storm debris, leaks, mold and any other signs of wear.

When are commercial roof inspections needed?

Commercial roof inspections are highly recommended before making a building purchase or if you are going to enter into a building lease. These types of inspections are also usually required to comply with terms of a roof warranty. Commercial roof inspections are also often part of a roof maintenance plan.

How do you inspect a commercial roof?

As part of a commercial roof inspection, a qualified roof inspector will first make sure to check on any pre-existing roof warranties or guarantees to make sure those things remain in force. The inspector will also closely examine the roof’s skylights, satellite equipment, covers and drainage systems before making any recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

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