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Learn More About Flat Residential Roofing

What are residential flat roofs made of?

Home owners or landlords have several good choices when it comes to installing a residential flat roof. We are happy to discuss with you to benefits and disadvantages of using metal roofing, rubber roofing like EPDM and TPO, PVC roofing, and asphalt options like bitumen and modified bitumen for your residential flat roof.

What is the best material to put on a flat roof?

Being waterproof is essential when deciding to go with a flat residential roof. For this reason, many experts consider either metal or a ‘built-up roof’ consisting of layers asphalt or tar and felt covered with gravel to be the best choices for a residential flat roof.

How much does a residential flat roof cost?

The average size of a residential flat varies, so contact us for an accurate quote. Cost factors include not only the materials chosen but also whether or not the roof will be installed new or not.

How much does it cost to reroof a flat roof?

Reroofing a residential flat roof can run you anywhere from $2 to $10 per square foot. Cost is usually dependent on the materials being used and on the individual roofing contractor pricing structure.

Pros & Cons of a flat roof

The big pluses to a residential flat roof are that they tend to cost less to install and they go in quicker. The biggest downside to a residential flat roof is the potential for standing water. You want to be sure to hire a residential roofing contractor that is experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing residential flat roofs. Here in San Diego, that residential roofing contractor is Roofing Plus.

How do you protect a flat roof?

The best protection you can give a residential flat roof is to have it installed, maintained and (if needed) repaired by a licensed and highly skilled residential flat roof contractor. Let Roofing Plus help you with that.

How long should a residential flat roof last?

If your residential flat roof is properly installed, if you keep it on a regular thorough maintenance schedule and if you have it promptly repaired if it does sustain any damage, then you can expect it to last for 25 years or more. And if you cost out the total price over that time period then you’ll realize how cost-effective a flat residential roof can be.

Do flat roofs leak more?

A residential flat roof, by its very nature, can be prone to the problem of standing water. So, yes, they CAN leak more than other types of residential roofs. The way to combat this is to make sure that your chosen residential roofing contractor is well-experienced in the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of residential flat roofs.